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  • European Facial
  • Anti-ageing   Intensive Treatment
  • Saison Maison
  • Back Facial
  • Teen Facial
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Glycolic
  • Collagen mask
  • Light therapy
  • Lip treatment
  • Eye treatment
  • Oxygen treatment

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The Ultra-Lift Treatment

Often called the "Hollywood Lift" offers an innovative approach to total skin rejuvenation. This multi-step treatment begins with deep cleaning Ultrasonic pulsed wave forms that work to loosen skin debris and locked in blackheads to provide fresh clean skin. Next, using powerful skin correcting serums, the Microcurrent technology uses adjustable vibrations to re-energize muscles and boost cell to cell communication for a healthier more vibrant. The results is toned and lifted skin with increased hydration for a beautiful youthful glow. Areas of concentration include the jaw line, chin and neck along with providing a beautiful natural eye lift. Results are seen in one treatment however, a series is recommended for more long term results.

60 minutes $160

European Facial

A face, neck and shoulder massage   initiates a cleansing treatment that combines steaming and deep pores extraction followed by a customized mask, for the skin type. 


Anti-ageing Intensive Treatment

Starts with a relaxing massage & continues with a light exfoliation, utilizing a combination of products customized for the real age of the skin. To complete the treatment a collagen mask is applied leaving the skin firm, youthful and radiant.



A treatment lasting 60 minutes to treat your skin to a burst of energy and help it to defend itself in any situation against the harmful effects of environmental stress, which can accelerate skin aging. The core of the intensive treatment, the trio of exclusive active ingredients elderberry-siberian ginseng-peptides for an anti-pollution protection/detox/energy action.


Saison Maison

A seasonal facial that adapts to the quarterly changes of seasons by incorporating a series of products that address any skin concerns affected by the weather. 


Back Facial

Begins with a relaxed back and shoulder massage, continues with a deep exfoliation, extraction of any impurities and finishes with a cooling and relaxing mask.



(TBD, Call for consultation)

Collagen Facial



Light therapy

(TBD, Call for consultation)


Teen Facial

A special treatment that concentrates in pore deep cleansing to address all skin changing problems associated with puberty and teenage skin care.


(a series is recommended)

A combination of mineral crystals and organic grains is used during this treatment to exfoliate epidermal layers in a safe and non-invasive procedure. This process helps to reduce lines and wrinkles, improves the reproduction of healthy cells and finishes with a soothing, hydrating mask that leaves the skin with an even, youthful tone. To enhance the results even more we added an infusion of oxygen to complete the session.


Gentleman Facial

This facial begins with a thorough examination and analysis of the skin, followed by a neck and shoulder massage. The facial consists of steaming, exfoliation, extraction and a customized mask for that individual skin type. The result is a naturally glowing skin that projects health and vitality.


Light LED Therapy for acne and wrinkles

A customized treatment that helps to regenerate new collagen by using a red light led. The blue light therapy for acne helps to kill bacteria without damaging healthy skin. Finishing with a customized mask.


Lip treatment

(TBD, Call for consultation)

Eye treatment

(TBD, Call for consultation)

Oxygen treatment

(TBD, Call for consultation)